How to transform ideas into ICT-driven innovation: a unique experience blending research, entrepreneurship, industry experience and pan-European mobility

The Doctoral Training Center - DTC is an innovation-oriented educational path, additional to the Doctoral School, offered by the University of Trento and EIT Digital 

The Trento DTC offers the opportunity for applicants to apply to specific University of Trento Ph.D positions that are sponsored by EIT Digital and an industrial company of the EIT Digital network.

The DTC offers a business and innovation-oriented training curriculum for Ph.D. candidates in ICT, complementing the program of the University doctoral school with courses and workshops focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The DTC looks for students that want to contribute to the Digital revolution in any of the action lines selected by EIT Digital: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Infrastructure.

The program includes:

  • a Business Competence Phase (three mandatory courses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E)). For more details about the courses program please visit the page;
  • a Business Development Experience developed within the company that sponsors the scholarship. Students are required to converge research with intra-entrepreneurship and innovation activities;
  • 6 months of geographical mobility across EIT Digital Nodes and partners.

Who can apply?
Students with a Master's degree can apply for these specific Ph.D positions by sumbmitting an application when calls for applications are open.
Please visit the application page.

Why to apply? 
To learn how to work for transferring a technology to the market, to start up a new high-tech business; to contribute to innovate critical sectors of the European society and economy; to become part of the EIT Digital network of companies, innovators and researchers.


DTC Lead of the Trento EIT Digital Doctoral Training Centre
Irene Preti
Tel: 0039 0461 312382