3rd year

During the third year, the student focuses on delivering his/her personal novel research contributions on the chosen research problem and/or to the development of the proposed technological innovation. The activity ends with the submission of a Doctoral thesis. 

Admission to the final exam

On the basis of the attendance on the School’s educational activities and a satisfactory assessment by the advisor, the Doctoral School Committee decides whether the student is:

  • admitted to the Final exam
  • excluded from the School

Admission to the Final Examination requires:

  • completion of all the required credits of the first two years;
  • completion of a period of research of at least 3 months spent abroad;
  • publication of at least two ISI- or SCOPUS indexed publications;
  • attendance at either at least 3 seminars offered by the ICT International Doctoral School or a Summer/Winter school (for PhD students from 35° cycle onward)


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