Academic requirements - Cycle 31

Admission to the Doctoral Programme entails exclusive and full-time commitment.

First / Second year

By the end of the second year the Doctoral School Committee determines whether the student is:

  • admitted to the third year with:
    - recognition of no fewer than 15 course credits;
    - positive assessment by the advisor.
    In the case of negative judgement by the advisor, the Executive Committee will decide on the matter;
  • excluded from the School.

In the case of negative judgement by the advisor, the Executive Committee will decide on the matter. 

Third year

On the basis of the, attendance on the School’s educational activities and a satisfactory assessment by the advisor, the Doctoral School Committee decides whether the student is:

  • admitted to the Final exam;
  • excluded from the School.

For admission to the Final Exam, it is mandatory to have undertaken at least one 3-month research period abroad; except in the case of a written justification for not doing so furnished by the Advisor. 

The instructions on the procedure regarding the Final exam are available here

Individual Study Plan 

The doctoral student is required to submit a study plan, choosing it from among those annually proposed in the Manifesto of Studies. Or, for justified reasons, s/he may submit an individual study plan. The study plan must be approved by the tutor/advisor and submitted for formal verification to the Secretariat. Individual study plans are approved by the Executive Committee. 

Doctoral students are required to acquire 15 course credits during the first two academic years.

Each of the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • At least 12 credits must be acquired from ICT doctoral courses (list of available courses);
  • successful completion of Research methodology course
  • "Technical English" courses or “Academic Writing for Science and Engineering” courses do not give any credits. However, attendance on such courses is mandatory.

All other credits can be acquired from doctoral/ M.Sc. courses or Summer/Winter Schools offered externally to the ICT School as well.

All credits are acquired upon approval by the PhD student’s tutor/advisor.

Courses must be followed after enrolment in the Ph.D. Programme. Exceptions may be approved by the Executive Committee.

Courses that have contributed to other degrees and online course that the student has completed do not apply.