Final Exam

PhD students enrolled in their last year of the PhD programme shall apply for admission to the final examination/evaluation procedure.

PhD students who have been admitted to the final examination by the Doctoral School Committee shall submit their thesis for evaluation to two external referees.

Both referees will propose either admission to the final examination/PhD defence or resubmission of the thesis for a period of no longer than six months in the case of major revision.

In the case of major revision, the student must submit a new version of the thesis together with a rebuttal letter before the deadline. The referees will then submit a new evaluation according to the changes made to the thesis by the student. 

In any case the student is admitted to the final examination before the final examination committee.

For admission to the final examination, it is mandatory to have undertaken at least one 3-month research period abroad except in the case of a written justification for not doing so furnished by the Advisor.
PhD students from cycle 32 onwards must have completed at least two ISI - or SCOPUS indexed publications as well.

Deadlines and instrucions regarding the final examination for students and advisors are available in the .pdf file available from the box “Downloads”.  

Award of the label “Doctor Europaeus”

PhD students interested in obtaining the label of "Doctor Europaeus" may visit the webpage

PhD students interested in obtaining the title of “Doctor Europaeus” should indicate their interest in the AlmaLaurea questionnaire. 

For more information see the file available from the box “Downloads”.