Conferences/Winter/Summer School

PhD students can use their research budget to pay the fee for conferences or schools registration.

It is necessary that the travel to the event must have been authorized first (see "Reimbursement of travel expenses").

The Student can pay and then ask for the reimbursement or the Department can pay the fee by either bank transfer or credit card (see below) using the Student's research budget.

In the case of the bank transfer, the Student has to fill in and sign the registration form (.PDF form and .DOC form available in box Download) and take it to the ICT School Secretariat for the Coordinator's signature.
If the Conference/Summer/Winter School is organized by an Italian organization the payment must be made by bank trasfer. It is important that the Student doesn't pay for his/her otherwise he/she will not be reimbursed. 

When the event is organized by a foreign (not-Italian) organization Students can ask to use the Department Credit Card (depending on its monthly balance) as well. In this case once they have obtained the Travel Authorization, they can contact amm.disi [at] with all the details needed for the registration.