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Meet PhD students

PhD students of the ICT International Doctoral School conduct their research in several cutting-edge areas with a strong orientation towards applications and industry.

Companies have the possibility to know the available skills and research activities of the PhD students in order to encurage new collaborations and projects that can help growth through the innovation of industrial products and processes.

Vevake vevake.balaraman [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Maged Fathy Youssef Abdelaty maged.abdelaty [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Khakim Akhunov khakim.akhunov [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Lorenzo Angeli lorenzo.angeli [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Alessandro Antonucci alessandro.antonucci [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Gianluca Apriceno gianluca.apriceno [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Pierfrancesco Ardino pierfrancesco.ardino [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Elham Arshad elham.arshad [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Sisay Tadesse Arzo sisay.arzo [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Pietro Astolfi pietro.astolfi [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Mayukh Bagchi mayukh.bagchi [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Hani Beirami hani.beirami [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Barbara Benigni barbara.benigni [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Arianna Benoni arianna.benoni [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Luca Bergamasco luca.bergamasco [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Alessia Bertugli alessia.bertugli [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Simone Bocca simone.bocca [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Stefano Bonafini stefano.bonafini [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Andrea Bontempelli andrea.bontempelli [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Martin Brugnara martin.brugnara [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Le Trong Phuoc Bui phuoc.bui [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Matteo Busso matteo.busso [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Daniel Carcereri daniel.carcereri [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Camilla Casula camilla.casula [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Nandu Chandran Nair nandu.chandrannair [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Yuxing Chen yuxing.chen [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Yi-Ling Chung yiling.chung [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Leonardo Lucio Custode leonardo.custode [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Manuel Dalcastagnè m.dalcastagne [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Luca Degani luca.degani [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Luca Di Liello luca.diliello [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Giorgio Di Tizio giorgio.ditizio [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Xiaolei Diao xiaolei.diao [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Jingwen Ding jingwen.ding [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Lei Ding lei.ding [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Aleksandr Ermolov aleksandr.ermolov [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Placido Falqueto placido.falqueto [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Francescomaria Faticanti f.faticanti [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Riccardo Fedrizzi r.fedrizzi [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Francesca Fiore francesca.fiore [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Matteo Gabburo matteo.gabburo [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Marco Gaido marco.gaido [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Nicola Garau nicola.garau [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Raktim Ghosh raktim.ghosh [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Giorgia Gobbi giorgia.gobbi [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Michele Grisafi michele.grisafi [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Genc Hoxha genc.hoxha [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Miguel Hoyo Garcia miguel.hoyogarcia [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Alina Karakanta alina.karakanta [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Ali Karami ali.karami [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Hadi Mahmoud Yousef Khalilia hadi.khalilia [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Umair Khan umair.khan [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Federica Lago federica.lago-1 [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Xiaoyue Li [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Yahui Liu yahui.liu [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Antonio Longa antonio.longa [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Matteo Lorenzini matteo.lorenzini [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Samuel Louvan samuel.louvan [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Enrico Magnago enrico.magnago [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Cveta Majtanovic cveta.majtanovic [at] Cycle 31 webpage
Sagar Malhotra sagar.malhotra [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Giada Marchi giada.marchi [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Virendra Kumar Mehta virendra.mehta [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Mehran Memon mehran.memon [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Willi Menapace willi.menapace [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Federico Mento federico.mento [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Khatereh Meshkini khatereh.meshkini [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Maryam Alsadat Mirheidari maryam.mirheidari [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Andrea Montibeller andrea.montibeller [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Seyed Mahed Mousavi mahed.mousavi [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Parth Rajubhai Naik parth.naik [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Mohamed Nabih Ali Mohamed Nawar mohamed.nabih [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Levi Osterno Vasconcelos l.osternovasconcelos [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Saranchuluun Otgon saranchuluun.otgon [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Sara Papi sara.papi [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Stefano Paterna stefano.paterna [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Giovanni Pellegrini giovanni.pellegrini [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Elia Peruzzo elia.peruzzo [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Iwona Podsiadlo iwona.podsiadlo [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Valentina Premier valentina.premier [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Jorge Daniel Ramirez Medina jorge.ramirezmedina [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Gianluca Redondi gianluca.redondi [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Francesco Riz francesco.riz [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Pietro Rosatti pietro.rosatti [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Subhankar Roy subhankar.roy [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Cristiano Saltori cristiano.saltori [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Zeno Sambugaro zeno.sambugaro [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Milene Santos Teixeira m.santosteixeira [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Burcu Sayin burcu.sayin [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Elisa Sbalchiero elisa.sbalchiero [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Ayub Shah ayub.shah [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Anish Shastri anish.shastri [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Seyedmostafa Sheikhalishahi s.sheikhalishahi [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Daqian Shi daqian.shi [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Aliaksandr Siarohin aliaksandr.siarohin [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Andrea Simonelli andrea.simonelli [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Abhishek Singh abhishek.singh [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Yue Song [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Giuseppe Spallitta giuseppe.spallitta [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Domenico Stefani domenico.stefani [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Tejas Subramanya tejas.subramanya [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Girolamo Tagliapietra g.tagliapietra-1 [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Aniruddha Uttam Tammewar aniruddha.tammewar [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Amirhossein Tebbifakhr a.tebbifakhr [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Alberto Testoni alberto.testoni [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Chun Tian chun.tian [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Antonio Tierno antonio.tierno [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Alessandro Tontini alessandro.tontini [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Alessandro Torresani alessandro.torresani [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Matteo Trobinger matteo.trobinger [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Victor Guilherme Turrisi Da Costa vg.turrisidacosta [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Yasir Ullah yasir.ullah [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Munazza Usmani munazza.usmani [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Davide Vecchia davide.vecchia [at] Cycle 34 webpage
Duc Ly Vu [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Weijie Wang [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Giulio Weikmann giulio.weikmann [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Alessio Zamboni alessio.zamboni [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Giacomo Zara [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Francesco Zardi francesco.zardi [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Enrico Zardini enrico.zardini [at] Cycle 36 webpage
Jichao Zhang jichao.zhang [at] Cycle 35 webpage
Wanyi Zhang wanyi.zhang [at] Cycle 33 webpage
Haonan Zhao haonan.zhao [at] Cycle 36 webpage