The School

The ICT International Doctoral School was founded in 2001 and the official language is English. The doctorate programme delivers the skills necessary to conduct advanced research at universities, public bodies, or private organizations for the purpose of advancing  scientific and technological progress and creating a managerial class with a high-level professional culture and a corresponding international openness. The specific objective of the doctorate programme is to train professionals able to develop high-quality and innovative information and telecommunication systems addressed to solving complex problems. It also pursues the goal of enhancing the doctoral students’ entrepreneurial abilities by furnishing specific training and opportunities to undertake internships.

The ICT International Doctoral School offers a broad training programme which exploits the multidisciplinary nature of the teaching staff and the availability of advanced-level laboratories. The training programme enables the ICT International Doctoral School to activate student exchange agreements and teaching modules with similar institutions around the world.

Up until now the research work done by the department, thanks to a solid network of connections between the school and the business world, including research centres of the area, has given important training opportunities to more than 600 PhD students since 2001. Most of the PhD students are international and come from all over the world.  

The ICT Interantional Doctoral School PhD graduates are currently employed in research centres, universities and/or companies on a gloabal scale.