PhD Career | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

PhD Career


Duration: 3 years
Academic year: from November, 1st to October, 31st
Official language: English
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NB: For the regulations regarding study plan, credit recognition, admission to the subsequent years, qualifying exam, final exam, and any other procedure, please, refer only and exclusively to the Manifesto of Studies 2020-21 available in the Download Box.

The following description is a mere abstract of the Manifesto.

1st Year

The 1st year is mainly dedicated to coursework, and research problem and research plan definition. The students are assigned their tutors/advisors.

Within 2 months from the enrollment in the PhD programme, the students can apply for the Transdisciplinary programmes.

Admission to 2nd Year

  • ≥ 6 course credits (2 mandatory courses Academic Writing for the Sciences and Engineering and Research methodology)
  • Positive assessment by the advisor

2nd Year

During the 2nd year, the doctoral student has to pass the Qualifying Exam, deepen her knowledge through coursework, and reach preliminary research results.

Admission to 3rd Year

  • Qualifying exam passed
  • ≥12 course credits during the 1st and 2nd years (at least 2 technical courses)
  • Research plan incl. period abroad
  • ≥2 SI -/SCOPUS publications plan
  • Positive assessment by the advisor (in case of negative assessment, a specific procedure - see the Manifesto - will be activated)

3rd Year

During the 3rd year, the student focuses on delivering her personal contribution to the state-of-the-art and has also to spend at least 3 months in an abroad research institution. The activity ends with the submission of a Doctoral thesis. 

Admission to Final exam

  • ≥3 seminars or ≥1 Summer/Winter school attendance
  • Completion of ≥3 months research period abroad
  • ≥2 ISI -/SCOPUS indexed publications

Final exam

The Final Exam consists of a defence of the thesis before a panel of internationally renowned experts on the thesis research areas.