PhD Career

The School offers students a wide range of academic options, taking advantage of the multidisciplinary teaching staff and the availability of laboratories. Students might attend basic or advanced courses in all distinctive areas: from design technologies and software realisation, to hardware implementation technologies; from information elaboration methodologies, to infrastructures for their distribution in networks. (For students belonging to cycle 31 »link)

PhD Timeline

1st Year

The first year is mainly devoted to the acquisition of scientific knowledge at both basic and high level.

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Admission to 2nd

- recognition of no fewer than 6 course credits
- positive assessment by the advisor

2nd Year

During the second year the doctoral student deepens his/her scientific knowledge and starts to establish his/her thesis work, identifying the objectives and research activities to be developed within the thesis. 

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Admission to 3rd

- recognition of no fewer than 15 course credits
- success in the Qualifying exam
- submission of a plan illustrating the scheduling of a period of at least 3 months research abroad by the end of the Ph.D. programme
- submission of plan to achieve at least two ISI- or SCOPUS-indexed publications within the duration of the study programme
- positive assessment by the advisor

3rd Year

During the third year, the student focuses on his/her personal contribution to the state-of-the-art on the chosen research problem and/or to the development of the proposed technological innovation. The activity ends with the submission of a Doctoral thesis. 

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Admission to final exam

On the basis of the attendance on the School’s educational activities and a satisfactory assessment by the advisor, the Doctoral School Committee decides whether the student is: admitted to the Final exam or excluded from the School.
- completion of a period of research of at least 3 months spent abroad
- completion of at least two ISI- or SCOPUS indexed publications

Final exam

The final exam consists of a defense of the thesis before a panel of internationally renowned experts on the thesis research areas. Further instructions and in-depth details can be found here