Program Suspension

PhD students have the right to suspend their studies in case of:

  • maternity
  • serious and certified illness
  • internship programmes for the training of teachers (Italian TFA)

In the case of of suspension for serious illness the Doctoral Student can ask a 6 months suspension upon delivering medical records to support of his/her request. 
If the suspension should be longer than 6 months, the Doctoral student will submit a new request for suspension with new medical documentation. Non-EU Doctoral Students must submit medical documentation which has been legalized by the Italian Embassy.

Absence due to severe and documented personal and/or family reasons (other than the ones listed above with the addition of the Military Service) can be no longer than 3-months and must be explicitly authorized by the Doctoral School Committee upon approval by the student's advisor. 
If the sospension should be longer than 3 months, the Doctoral Student will submit a new request for suspension with new documentation supporting his/her request. The advisor has to agree.

To ask for a period of suspension, thre request of suspension (available in box Download at this page) must be filled out and sent together with any requested documentation to the ICT School Secretariat [at] 

As soon the Students takes up attendance after suspension, he/shes has to submit to the ICT School Secretariat - [at] - a declaration (available in box Download at this page), duly filled in and signed.

Doctoral students who fail to attend their Doctoral course for more than 30 days, their scholarship payment will be suspended.

The scholarship payment and all the academic/administrative deadlines will be postponed for the same duration of the suspension.