At the beginning of the Doctoral Programme each doctoral student is assigned a tutor to supervise the course of his/her studies. The tutor is nominated by the Doctoral School Committee.
The prime responsibility of the tutor is to suggest a suitable curriculum for the student’s research, to evaluate the student’s performance in his/her research and innovation, and to assist him/her in planning and preparing a personal Study Plan that adheres to regulations indicated by the Manifesto of Studies of the School.


Within the month of April of the first year of study the doctoral student should present the request for assignment of an advisor to the Doctoral School Committee. The Doctoral School Committee then nominates an advisor for each student, after first checking if the advisor is available.
In the case of non-request by the doctoral student, the tutor will automatically also assume the function of advisor. If the tutor is not available, the matter will be resolved by the Executive Committee.
The advisor may be a member of the Doctoral School Committee or may be external to it.
From the second semester of the first year onwards, the doctoral student is guided by an advisor, who supervises his/her research, supports preparation for his/her Qualifying exam, and ensures that good research quality is maintained. The advisor also helps the student to adjust to the university environment and follow university rules.
For the first year of study, the tutor and subsequently the advisor, assists the doctoral student, and ensure the work carried out as well as the student’s respect of the regulations and conduct since they are considered fundamental for the value of the ICT International Doctoral School and for scientific and professional growth of the doctoral students.
Requests by students to change their tutor or advisor must be sent to ict.school [at] unitn.it
Upon request of the advisor a co-advisor may be nominated by the Executive Committee. The co-advisor works in assisting the advisor in carrying out his/her tasks providing extra scientific or technological knowledge. Furthermore, the co-advisor has the same rights and obligations as the advisor.