1st year

The first year is mainly devoted to the acquisition of scientific knowledge at both basic and high level. From the second semester of the first year onwards, the doctoral student is guided by an advisor, who supervises his/her research, supports preparation for his/her Qualifying exam, (which will be at the beginning of the second year) and ensures that good research quality is maintained. The advisor also helps the student to adjust to the university environment and follow university rules. The advisor meets with the student to assess his/her progress in the programme and to provide advice on future work.

Admission to the 2nd year

At the end of the first year, the Doctoral School Committee determines whether the student is:

  • admitted to the second year with:
    - recognition of no fewer than 6 course credits
    - positive assessment by the advisor
    In the case of negative judgement by the advisor, the Executive Committee will decide on the matter
  • excluded from the School


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Qualifying examQualifying Exam

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